May 2020
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“In Africa, the post-COVID 19 offers a unique opportunity to catalyze structural reforms, diversify economies, strengthen the value chains, and foster further sustainable and inclusive growth pathways. One thing is for sure: we now, more than ever, need to work together as a united business community."
Mr. Said Ibrahimi, CEO of Casablanca Finance City 
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Africa Insights
CFC's country fact sheet: Morocco
Morocco has capitalized on its strategic geographic position at the crossroad of the continents to build a diverse, open, market-oriented economy. Key sectors include agribusiness, fishing, tourism, automotive, finance, mining and renewable energies.

Morocco has increased investments in its transportation infrastructure and industrial facilities to position itself as a gateway to Africa. Industrial breakthroughs, sectorial strategies, the development of Casablanca Finance City, and world-class infrastructures - most visibly illustrated by Tanger Med port and the Boraq high speed train- are fostering Morocco's competitiveness and attractiveness.
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CFC keeps you up to date on the COVID-19 situation report in Africa
For more information visit the COVID section on the CFC website by clicking below.
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Daily updates and articles on the evolution of COVID-19 in Africa
In addition to our COVID-19 situation report updated daily, we have developed a special section on our website where you can check out the latest updates and articles on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa.
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Doing business in Africa: Financing projects, accessing liquidity and finding the right partner in a competitive market place, by Clifford Chance
This document captures key elements of the discussion on Doing Business in Africa, including bankability of the power projects, mitigating offtake and political risks, and structuring the right blend of financing.
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Community News
Ciments du Maroc completes acquisition of Atlantic Ciment and Cimsud
 CFC member since 2016
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Accor launches the Cleanliness & Prevention ALLSAFE label
 CFC member since 2014
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Huawei strengthens its presence in Northern Africa with the appointment of two new Vice Presidents in the region
 CFC member since 2015
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CFC News
The World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC) has issued a joint declaration promoting international cooperation
May 27, 2020, As part of the WAIFC, CFC and other members have issued a joint declaration calling for international cooperation, sustainable investments, and avoiding the self-defeating lure of protectionism during this global health and economic emergency.
International financial centers will play a vital role in getting the world’s economy back on its feet as well as in serving the real economy and society as a whole in the post-crisis.
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CFC hosted an e-conference on the post COVID19 era in Africa
May 20, 2020, CFC had the pleasure of hosting an e-conference on, "Understanding the Landscape in a Post-COVID Era: Outlook and Prospects in Africa".

The conference featured a panel of experts from the CFC community, who shared their respective field experiences in Africa and how the COVID pandemic has affected their industries and businesses.

You can find a replay of the conference here:
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CFC and Kigali International Financial Center signed a Memorandum of Understanding
May 6, 2020, This agreement will provide a platform for promoting best practices, through which CFC will support the development and creation of the Kigali International Financial Center (KIFC).
“We are very pleased to sign this partnership between CFC and KIFC, which strengthens cooperation between Rwanda and Morocco. This agreement allows us to expand our network of partnerships with other African financial centers and thus, further consolidate regional cooperation. " - Mr. Saïd Ibrahimi, CEO of Casablanca Finance City
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CFC can now be found on the ‘Bureau d’Ordre Digital’ platform
CFC is part of the 'Bureau d'Ordre Digital', a national digital platform launched by the Digital Development Agency (ADD). This initiative aims to digitize the processes relating to the management of administrative mail and to limit travel during these unprecedented times.
We, therefore, encourage our members and partners to use our digital desk for all correspondence to be addressed to CFC.
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Upcoming Events
Mercer holds regular webcasts on a wide range of topics
Mercer is offering a wide array of webinars to choose from, with topics ranging from dealing with the impact of COVID-19 to wellbeing & culture beyond COVID-19. You can also access previous webinars.
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Lifestyle during the quarantine
«Galerie 127» in Marrakech is offering a virtual visit of the exhibition «A Quatre Mains» 
With the aim of making art accessible to the general public and art lovers during this period of sanitary confinement, "Gallery 127" offers a virtual visit of the exhibition "A Quatre Mains" curated by Sara Imloul et Nicolas Lefebvre
Link to the exhibition
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