April 2020
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“In a spirit of solidarity and long-term mutual commitment, we strongly encourage our members to preserve jobs and maintain the payment of salaries."
Mr. Said Ibrahimi, CEO of Casablanca Finance City 
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Africa Insights
CFC's country fact sheet: Mauritania
The structure of Mauritania’s economy is still dominated by the extractive industries sector which accounts for four-fifths of total exports, on average, and 30% of budget revenue. Mauritania is the second leading exporter of iron ore in Africa with an annual production of more than 10 million tonnes.
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CFC keeps you up to date on the COVID-19 situation report in Africa
For more information visit the COVID section on the CFC website by clicking below
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Daily updates and articles on the evolution of COVID-19 in Africa
In addition to our COVID-19 situation report updated daily, we have developed a special section on our website where you can check out the latest updates and articles on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa.
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The Coronavirus and Africa: Health crisis and economic crisis aggravated by the weakness of African social safety nets, a study by Finactu
CFC member since 2015
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Coronavirus: Government financial aid to business - an African guide by Clifford Chance
CFC member since 2014
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Community News

Africa50 donates MAD 2.5 million to Morocco's Covid-19 management fund
 CFC member since 2014
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Onomo has made its hotels available to the frontline within the different African countries it operates in
 CFC member since 2015
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Mediterrania Capital Partners reaches €286 million final closing for MC III, its third fund for Africa
CFC member since 2014
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ABL Aviation makes first ever remote aircraft E-delivery
CFC member since 2018
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CFC News
CFC and ELA hosted a webinar around COVID19 @ Work: legal insights for employers in Africa
April 24, 2020, CFC and ELA (Employment Law Alliance) hosted a 90-minute webinar focusing on legal insights for employers in the context of COVID-19. Experts from Africa provided legal insights on cross-border travel, Force Majeure, paid time off, working from home, and more.
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CFC published a COVID-19 practical guide, for employers in Africa in partnership with  members from the CFC community
April 24, 2020,  CFC has published a special edition of its “Africa Insights” series in the form of a practical guide for employers in Africa, in collaboration with the law firms CWA, Nasrollah & Associés - Baker McKenzie and the technology supplier Sopra Banking Software; all three members of the CFC business community.
This guide is devoted to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on businesses and the most common questions concerning labor and employment law in Africa.
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CFC participated in the launch of the Lujiazui initiative for international cooperation
April 28, 2020, Mrs. Manal Bernoussi, Director of Strategy, Partnerships & Communication at CFC took part in a video conference hosted by Lujiazui Financial City to share an African perspective on the management of the COVID-19 pandemic and the level of regional cooperation.
Singapore, Dubai, Paris, and Luxembourg are some of the financial centers that were present to witness the launch of the initiative aimed to enhance cooperation and fight COVID-19. 
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CFC and WAIFC published a report on the role of financial centers in driving economic growth 
The WAIFC, together with member CFC, published this report in collaboration with the Oxford Business Group, which highlights the breadth and diversity of financial centers' activities in financing real economies. Eleven financial centers contributed to making this report happen.
In addition, WAIFC has published a report on, "How global financial centers can help combat the COVID-19 pandemic".
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Upcoming events
COVID-19: Financial Impact Bulletin, webinars by Refinitiv
A regular webinar series helping you understand the impact of coronavirus on the economy, markets, and industries.
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Lifestyle during the quarantine
UNESCO encourages free use of world digital library
UNESCO is providing free access to its digital library for learners across the globe. The digital library contains thousands of articles, books, and documents available in seven languages.
Similarly, the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco (BNRM) has taken the initiative to offer a selection of audiobooks, accessible via its website, which includes the works of the greatest authors who have marked Arab literature.
New Cirque du Soleil special to air online
On Friday 1st May, the One Drop Foundation and Cirque du Soleil will premiere a 60-minute special featuring unforgettable moments from previous editions of the annual fundraiser to benefit international water foundation One Drop showcasing Cirque du Soleil artists alongside celebrity guest performers.
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