March 2020
Message to our community
Considering the current COVID-19 outbreak, Casablanca Finance City has put in place advanced guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of the CFC community. The CFC First tower remains open with strict protocols for cleaning and disinfecting.
During this time of struggle, we ask that our community take the necessary steps in staying safe and helping to prevent the virus from spreading. We will navigate this situation as a community and ask that you please reach out if in need of any support".
 Mr. Said Ibrahimi, CEO of Casablanca Finance City 
CFC Community 
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Africa Insights
CFC's country fact sheet: Zimbabwe
Although Zimbabwe’s economy is still deeply repressed, the economy is expected to recover with GDP growth of 4.6% in 2020 and 5.6% in 2021 if corrective measures are taken, especially to restore macroeconomic stability. Vast natural resources, fairly good public infrastructure, and a skilled labor force give Zimbabwe an opportunity to join supply chains in Africa and increase trade in the African Continental Free Trade Area.
Download the country fact sheet
CFC keeps you up to date on the COVID-19 situation report in Africa
Morocco and Egypt were the first countries to implement a quarantine at very early stages (~60 cases), including closing country borders. 
To help control the spread of the virus please follow the global safety measures and stay at home.
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Community News
Orange launches Orange Money in Morocco and confirms its position as a major player in mobile money in Africa
 CFC member since 2018
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COVID 19: BCG has analyzed the disease’s potential impact on African health care systems, economies, and societies.
CFC member since 2012
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COVID 19: information on how you can prepare your organisation and respond
CFC member since 2014
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COVID-19: Manage downturn and prepare deconfinement
CFC member since 2014
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McKinsey& Company released a series of articles as well as a briefing note  intended to provide business leaders with a perspective on the evolving situation and implications for their companies amid the coronavirus outbreak
CFC member since 2017
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CFC News
Launching new e-services for the CFC community
In response to our members' needs in streamlining administrative processes (doing business) CFC has partnered with the General Directorate of Local Municipalities of the Ministry of the Interior and the City of Casablanca to launch the new E-services.

E-services will be made available exclusively to the CFC community before launched to the general public and allows you to notarize and re-certify your documents remotely.
To register and create your account visit: wraqi/Home/CFC.
For your queries and comments, please contact:
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CFC First: COVID-19: Prevention measures
The CFC First tower remains open with strict protocols for cleaning and disinfecting. We also kindly ask that all tenants encourage remote work whenever possible while keeping in mind that external visitors are only allowed on the basis of legal obligation or in the case of critical importance to your operations and activities.
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New provision for opening a bank account for foreign employees
It is now possible for a newly recruited foreign employee to open a provisional account in dirhams before receiving registration cards by presenting the employment contract.
For more information, refer to article 148 of General instruction of exchange operations 2020 linked below.
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CFC hosted an event to present the new tax provisions introduced by the 2020 Finance Law
March 5, 2020, CFC companies gathered for an event dedicated to the new tax provisions recently introduced by the 2020 Finance Law.

It was a pleasure to host Mr. Khalid Zazou, Acting General Director of the Direction Générale des Impôts, Mr. Abdellah Tahri, Head of the Corporate Tax Legislation Service, DGI and Mr. Younes Idrissi Kaitouni, Regional Director of the Casablanca Tax Administration, who explained how these new tax measures will be applied to CFC companies. 
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Happy International Women’s Day from the CFC First tower!
March 8, In honor of all the working ladies at the CFC First tower, CFC held a morning session of networking amongst women.
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CFC took part in a round table organized by the Economic, Social and Environmental Council
February 27, 2020 Ms. Manal Bernoussi, Director of Strategy, Partnerships & Communication at CFC took part in a round table organized by the Economic, Social and Environmental Council as part of the preparation of the next report on “The prospective assessment of the Moroccan energy system”.
The panel brought together representatives of Bank Al-Maghrib, BMCE Bank Of Africa and CDG Capital and dealt more specifically with the subjects of green and sustainable finance and financial support for the success of the energy transition in Morocco.
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Upcoming Events
[Webinar] Environmental Information Disclosure by FI and Green Bond Issuers
The webinar set to take place on April 4, 2020, is organized by Tsinghua University, World Bank and IFC (International Financial Corporation). It will focus on disclosure by financial institutions and green bond issuers.
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Lifestyle during the quarantine
12 historical sites you can virtually tour
As a growing number of countries go into lockdown due to the coronavirus, Google Arts and Culture partnered with more than 2,500 museums and galleries around the world to offer virtual tours of their collections and spaces. Museums, historical sites and national parks have stepped up to deliver their signature experiences by offering virtual tours to anyone from the comfort of their homes.
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Practice Yoga from the comfort of your home
Stay active during this period and join Yog’ Imane for a live yoga session every morning at 8 am. Sign up to this free online class, by filling out this form. The sessions are streaming on Zoom, which you can download on your computer or smartphone (

Alternatively, you could practice yoga at your own pace by subscribing to OM Yoga’s youtube channel.
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